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Wattson Solar Plus with EasiFit


Wattson Solar Plus is the energy monitor showing electricity generation, usage and net usage in the home.The display glows green to alert users when more power is being generated than used. Its green light shows the homeowner exactly how much free electricity they have available.

With Easifit, Wattson Solar Plus is even simpler to install and compatible with all inverter brands: the most cost effective solution for Solar PV systems.

Wattson Solar Plus measures the current using 50 Amp current transformer clips that clip around the cables and feed into a transmitter that sends the signal over radio frequency to the Wattson display. The range is 100m through air and 30m through wall..

Why sell Wattson Solar Plus with Easifit?

  • Standardised and repeatable installation with Easifit.
  • Gives the green light when there is surplus electricity
  • Inverter independent
  • Simple to install
  • Ability to power transmitter at mains to avoid battery changes.
  • Suitable to install for both homes with a renewable system installed with or without a Henley block or junction box.
  • Part of complete Wattson ecosystem
  • Works with all solar, wind and water generation systems

Energeno: smart solutions for renewable energy users. Wattson Solar Plus shows how much free electricity is available, measuring both generation & usage and showing the surplus. Optimmersion turns any surplus electricity into free hot water by varying the power the Immersion heater takes to match the free power available. Optiplug turns appliances on when there is enough surplus power to run them for free.

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