A unique measurement device for :

  • energy generated by the plant
  • energy bought and sold to the grid
  • household consumption (calculation of the Energy consumed by the customer)
  • available self-generated power

For single phase plants up to 10 kW

Wireless technology

Universal: it can be used with all the photovoltaic installations, independently from any inverter and any meter installed

Easy to use and install: retro-fitted without any tampering

Trasmission of the measurement/calculations to Tablet/Smartphone/Pc/4-CLOUD through Wireless technology each 10 seconds

Data storage of last 60 days with new updates each 15 minutes

It can report possible service anomalies:

  • inverter connected by clean contact (if available)
  • thermal magnetic circuit breaker or differential circuit breaker by auxiliary contact
  • loss performance after 48 hours

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